Dedicated Server - PZwiki (2022)

Hosting a Project Zomboid dedicated server can be done in Windows or Linux.


  • 1 Downloading the Server Files
    • 1.1 Through Steam
    • 1.2 Through SteamCMD
      • 1.2.1 Windows
      • 1.2.2 Linux
  • 2 Forwarding Required Ports
    • 2.1 Additional Ports for Non-Steam Server
  • 3 Running the Server
    • 3.1 Windows
    • 3.2 Linux
      • 3.2.1 System.d
  • 4 Connecting to the Server
  • 5 Administrating the Server
    • 5.1 Configuring the Server Game Settings
      • 5.1.1 Windows
        • Server Data Save Locations
        • Customizing Settings
        • Customizing Server Name
      • 5.1.2 Linux
    • 5.2 Admin Commands
  • 6 External links

Downloading the Server Files

Through Steam

  1. Navigate to your Steam library and filter for tools
  2. Locate 'Project Zomboid Dedicated Server' and download/install it

Note: Do not launch the server via Steam. If accidentally done, verify the integrity of the files.

Through SteamCMD

SteamCMD is the command line version of Steam. The Valve Developer wiki has instructions on how to download and configure SteamCMD.


Once you have downloaded and extracted SteamCMD to the folder of your choosing, run it by executing steamcmd.exe from a command line.

You can now set up the installation directory where the dedicated server files will be stored.

The following is an example of setting the download directory to its own separate folder on the C: drive. You can choose wherever you would like to store the server files.

force_install_dir C:\PZServer

For Linux users, the server will install to /home/<MYOURUSERNAME>/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Project Zomboid Dedicated Server/ unless specified otherwise.

Once you have set the install directory to your preference, login anonymously to Steam:

login anonymous

Next, download the Project Zomboid dedicated server files:

app_update 380870 validate

Once you see the message "Success! App '380870' fully installed", close SteamCMD:



For Debian and Ubuntu, first install steamcmd

dpkg --add-architecture i386apt-get updateapt-get install steamcmd

Don't run the server as root. Add an user such as pzuser

adduser pzuser

We will install Zomboid Server in /opt/pzserver

mkdir /opt/pzserverchown pzuser:pzuser /opt/pzserver

Log in as pzuser

su - pzuser

Create the configuration file that will manage steamcmd

(Video) How To Host Project Zomboid Build 41 Multiplayer Dedicated Server

cat >$HOME/update_zomboid.txt <<'EOL'// update_zomboid.txt//@ShutdownOnFailedCommand 1 //set to 0 if updating multiple servers at once@NoPromptForPassword 1force_install_dir /opt/pzserver///for servers which don't need a loginlogin anonymous app_update 380870 validatequitEOL

Now install Project Zomboid Server. You will use this same command every time you want to update the server to the latest version.

steamcmd +runscript $HOME/update_zomboid.txt

Forwarding Required Ports

Project Zomboid dedicated servers require the following open ports to successfully connect to clients:

8766 UDP
16261 UDP

Additional Ports for Non-Steam Server

In addition to the aforementioned ports required, TCP ports will have to be opened for each player slot on the server. E.g. if a server with 10 slots is desired, it would be necessary to open the following ports:

8766 UDP
16261 UDP
16262 - 16272 TCP

Note: It is possible these extra ports are no longer necessary as of game version 41.65.

Running the Server


Navigate to the download folder you specified (C:\pzserver if you followed the above steps) and locate the three StartServer batch files.

The default download directory if you used Steam to install the server is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Project Zomboid Dedicated Server

StartServer32 starts the Steam compatible 32-bit dedicated server.
StartServer64 starts the Steam compatible 64-bit dedicated server.
StartServer64_nosteam starts the non-Steam 64-bit dedicated server.

Run the batch file that corresponds with your operating system. For most use cases this will be 64-bit unless you are intentionally running 32-bit or running the non-Steam version.

Important note: By default the StartServer64 batch file specifies 16GB of starting memory for the server. You must edit the StartServer64 file and change the -Xms and -Xmx files to the values you want to use for server memory, or the server will fail to start with memory errors.

An example with 6GB used for the amount of memory (note the -Xms and -Xmx values):

".\jre64\bin\java.exe" -Djava.awt.headless=true -Dzomboid.steam=1 -Dzomboid.znetlog=1 -XX:+UseZGC -XX:-CreateCoredumpOnCrash -XX:-OmitStackTraceInFastThrow -Xms6g -Xmx6g -Djava.library.path=natives/;natives/win64/;. -cp%PZ_CLASSPATH% -statistic 0

For reference, this is equivalent to the "Server Memory" option when using "Host" from the main menu to host a local multiplayer server.

Launching a server will open a command console window that begins executing the server on your machine. On the first run, it will prompt you to set a password for the admin account it will create. After the server finishes setting up with default game settings, a message will output indicating success or failure.

(Video) How to Host a Project Zomboid B41 Multiplayer Server

A message indicating the server started successfully.


Navigate to your installation folder (default: /home/YOURUSERNAME/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Project Zomboid Dedicated Server) and start the file. The following example uses the default folder:

cd ~/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Project\ Zomboid\ Dedicated\ Server\/

Then start the


However, if you followed the instructions in this page to install Project Zomboid Server via steamcmd in Linux, you just need to execute the following command:


Optionally, you can change the name of the server, this will change which .ini file is used and it will create a new save folder by this new server name:

bash -servername SERVERNAME

Launching a server will open a command console window that begins executing the server on your machine. On the first run, it will prompt you to set a password for the admin account it will create. After the server finishes setting up with default game settings, a message will output indicating success or failure.

A message indicating the server started successfully.


A better option is to configure the server to run under system.d.

(Video) [How To] Project Zomboid dedicated server (Linux) [2022]

First, configure the system.d unit

cat >/usr/lib/systemd/system/zomboid.service <<'EOL'[Unit]Description=Project Zomboid[Service]PrivateTmp=trueType=simpleUser=pzserverWorkingDirectory=/opt/pzserver/ExecStart=/opt/pzserver/[Install]WantedBy=multi-user.targetEOL

Once you have done that, you have the following commands available:

# start a serversystemctl start zomboid.service# stop a serversystemctl stop zomboid.service# restart a serversystemctl restart zomboid.service

The logs are now managed by journalctl. To access to the logs of the server, execute the following command:

journalctl -u zomboid.service -f

Connecting to the Server

  1. Launch Project Zomboid
  2. Click the Join menu option
  3. Click the Favorites tab
  4. Add your public IPv4 address
  5. Enter port (default: 16261)
  6. Input your account details (anything desired)
  7. Click Save, select the added server and join

Note I: Hosting a non-Steam dedicated server requires players connect through the non-Steam version of the game client. For Steam game owners, this can be achieved by adding '-nosteam' to the launch options of Project Zomboid under its properties menu.

Note II: If hosting a server for LAN or VPN clients, the local IPv4 address or VPN defined address needs to be used.

Note III: As of game version 41.65, players who host and play on the same machine can solely use the public IPv4 address to connect to their server. If connection issues are encountered, consider adding your local IPv4 address to the Local IP field on the server screen. This address can be determined by clicking Start on the desktop, typing cmd, hitting enter, typing ipconfig in the opened command prompt and hitting enter.

Administrating the Server

There are a myriad of tools available for server administrators to customize and manage their servers.

Configuring the Server Game Settings


Server Data Save Locations

By default the server will look for game settings and world data named servertest inside C:\Users\YourUsername\Zomboid. If this data does not exist, the server will generate it automatically using default game settings. Use the following table for reference.

FilenameFile LocationDescription
servertest.iniC:\Users\YourUsername\Zomboid\ServerThis file contains the server configuration settings. Editable with notepad.
servertest_SandboxVars.luaC:\Users\YourUsername\Zomboid\ServerThis file contains the server sandbox configuration settings. Editable with notepad.
servertest_spawnpoints.luaC:\Users\YourUsername\Zomboid\ServerThis file contains the spawnpoints available in your server. Setting custom spawn points is possible. Editable with notepad.
servertest_spawnregions.luaC:\Users\YourUsername\Zomboid\ServerThis file contains the regions available for spawning (i.e. Muldraugh, Rosewood, etc). Editable with notepad.
n/aC:\Users\YourUsername\Zomboid\Saves\Multiplayer\servertestThis folder contains the generated/saved world data of the server.
Customizing Settings

Customizing server settings can be accomplished in two ways.

  1. Through the game client
  2. Editing the relevant files in notepad

To customize settings using the game client, launch Project Zomboid and select the Host menu option followed by the Manage Settings menu option.

If the server was successfully run at least once:

  1. Select servertest from the the list of saved server settings
  2. Click Edit Settings
  3. Edit desired settings and save

If the server was not run at least once:

  1. Click Create New Settings
  2. Name these settings servertest
  3. Edit desired settings and save

The next time the server successfully starts it will use the defined servertest.ini and lua files. The settings can be verified by using the admin command showoptions or opening servertest.ini, servertest_SandboxVars.lua, servertest_spawnpoints.lua, and servertest_spawnregions.lua in notepad.

(Video) Hosting A Dedicated Project Zomboid Server on Linux

Added Steam Workshop-subscribed mods to the server will be downloaded automatically on connecting client machines.

Note: Changes can be saved to servertest.ini while the server is running. After servertest.ini is saved, use admin command reloadoptions to make the changes live.

Customizing Server Name

You may customize your server's name to something other than servertest in order to either have worlds you can quickly read and identify, or to be able to switch to a new world without having to move a bunch of files on both server and client side to preserve that world.

First and foremost, be aware that player map data is stored locally client side under your IP address and port. If you don't want map information bleedover, you may need to change the port in your server settings.If you are trying to save an existing server, you have two choices ahead of you. 1) never use port 16261 for any other PZ servers, or 2) have anyone who has previously joined look for a file named something like [server ip address _ server port _ something] located at C:\Users\%your username%\Zomboid\Saves and have them put it somewhere safe or edit the folder name.

Next,Make a copy of whichever one you use to launch servertest normally by selecting it, right clicking, select copy, right click somewhere in empty space, paste.Rename the new file (or don't)

Open the file in some text editor (such as notepad) and insert -servername YOURSERVERNAME behind -cp%PZ_CLASSPATH%

Example with server name of "pizza":

@setlocal enableextensions@cd /d "%~dp0"SET PZ_CLASSPATH=java/istack-commons-runtime.jar;java/jassimp.jar;java/javacord-2.0.17-shaded.jar;java/javax.activation-api.jar;java/jaxb-api.jar;java/jaxb-runtime.jar;java/lwjgl.jar;java/lwjgl-natives-windows.jar;java/lwjgl-glfw.jar;java/lwjgl-glfw-natives-windows.jar;java/lwjgl-jemalloc.jar;java/lwjgl-jemalloc-natives-windows.jar;java/lwjgl-opengl.jar;java/lwjgl-opengl-natives-windows.jar;java/lwjgl_util.jar;java/sqlite-jdbc-;java/trove-3.0.3.jar;java/uncommons-maths-1.2.3.jar;java/".\jre64\bin\java.exe" -Djava.awt.headless=true -Dzomboid.steam=1 -Dzomboid.znetlog=1 -XX:+UseZGC -XX:-CreateCoredumpOnCrash -XX:-OmitStackTraceInFastThrow -Xms4g -Xmx4g -Djava.library.path=natives/;natives/win64/;. -cp%PZ_CLASSPATH% -servername pizza -statistic 0PAUSE

Just running this will create a world with all the requisite files with the default settings which you can edit later.If you've already created a server with a name you want to use with all the settings set the way you want, use the same name as the file at C:\Users\%your username%\Zomboid\db


Under construction.

(Video) How to Host a Project Zomboid Server [Possibly Outdated]

Admin Commands

The following commands can be executed either on the server console window or in-game (preceded by a forward slash when used in-game) provided the user has admin status. Some things are case sensitive (ex: Base.Axe works, but not base.axe)

addalltowhitelistAdd all the current users who are connected with a password to the whitelist, so their account is protected.
additemGive an item to a player. If no username is given then you will receive item. Count is optional. Use: /additem \"username\" \"module.item\" count, ex: additem rj Base.Axe 1
adduserUse this command to add a new user to a whitelisted server. Use: /adduser \"username\" \"pwd\" ex: adduser rj 12345
addusertowhitelistAdd a user connected with a password to the whitelist, so their account is protected. Use: /addusertowhitelist \"username\" ex: addusertowhitelist rj
addvehicleSpawn a vehicle. Use: /addvehicle \"script\" \"user or x,y,z\", ex: addvehicle Base.VanAmbulance rj
addxpGive experience points to a player. Use: /addxp \"playername\" perkname=xp, ex: addxp rj Woodwork=2
alarmSound a building alarm at the Admin's position. (Must be in a room.)
banidBan a SteamID. Use: banid SteamID
banuserBan a user. Add a -ip to also ban the IP. Add a -r \"reason\" to specify a reason for the ban. Use: /banuser \"username\" -ip -r \"reason\". For example: banuser rj -ip -r spawn kill
changeoptionChange a server option. Use: /changeoption optionName \"newValue\" ex: changeoption SleepAllowed true
chopperPlace a helicopter event on a random player
createhordeSpawn a horde near a player. Use: /createhorde count \"username\", ex: createhorde 150 rj, username is optional except from the server console.
createhorde2Unknown (ERROR: Missing translation "UI_ServerOptionDesc_CreateHorde2")
godmodeMake a player invincible. No username set will toggle self-invincibility. Use: /godmode \"username\" -value, ex godmode rj -true (could be -false)
gunshotPlace gunshot sounds on a random player
helpOutputs a list and description of admin commands
invisibleMake a player invisible to zombies. No username provided will toggle invisibility on yourself. Use: /invisible \"username\" -value, ex: invisible rj -true (could be -false).
kickuserKick a user. Add a -r \"reason\" to specify a reason for the kick. Use: /kickuser \"username\" -r \"reason\"
noclipMakes a player pass through walls and structures. Toggles with no value. Use: /noclip \"username\" -value, ex: noclip rj -true (could be -false)
playersList all connected players
quitSave and shut down the server
releasesafehouseRelease a safehouse you own. Use: /safehouse release
reloadluaReload a Lua script. Use: /reloadlua \"filename\"
reloadoptionsReload server options (servertest.ini) and send to the clients. Useful for implementing game setting changes while players are connected.
removeuserfromwhitelistRemove a user from the whitelist. Use: /removeuserfromwhitelist \"username\"
removezombiesCommand name self-explanatory, but have not tested. (ERROR: Missing translation "UI_ServerOptionDesc_RemoveZombies")
replayRecord and play replay for moving player. Use: /replay \"playername\" -record\-play\-stop \filename.\ Example: /replay user1 -record test.bin
saveSaves the current game world
sendpulseToggle sending server performance info to this client. Use: /sendpulse
servermsgBroadcast a message to all connected players. Use: /servermsg \"text\"
setaccesslevelSet access level of a player. Current levels: admin, moderator, overseer, gm, observer. E.g. setaccesslevel userName admin / Note: To remove any access level, use "none" in place of admin.
showoptionsShow the list of current server options and values.
startrainStart rain on the server
stoprainStop rain on the server
teleportTeleport to a player. Use: /teleport \"playername\" or /teleport \"player1\" \"player2\", ex /teleport \"rj\" or /teleport \"rj\" \"toUser\"
teleporttoTeleport to coordinates. Use: /teleportto x,y,z, ex /teleportto 100098,189980,0
unbanidUnban a SteamID. Use: /unbanid SteamID
unbanuserUnban a player. Use: /unbanuser \"username\"
voicebanBlock voice from user \"username\". Use: /voiceban \"username\" -value, ex /voiceban \"rj\" -true (could be -false)

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How much RAM does a Project Zomboid server need? ›

In short, you will need to multiply 500MB per player you have on your server, plus a base 2GB. So If you plan on having two players, you will need to have at least 3GBs of RAM—1GB for the two players and 2GB for the base server requirement.

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How do I play multiplayer on Project Zomboid with friends? ›

To play Project Zomboid multiplayer, you need to either host or join a server. These options are both found in the main menu. If you want to join a server, press join and then select internet on the top bar. This will bring up a long list of all servers that are currently online.

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You can face the Apocalypse from Project Zomboid with your own Game Server from Nitrado. You can also rent a voice server for better communication.

How much RAM do I need for 1.18 server? ›

For version 1.18, JRE version 17 is required. At least 1 GB of RAM allocated for the server to run ( -Xmn 128M -Xmx 1G ). If you are using Windows or a desktop-based Linux distribution, you should have at least 1 GB of additional physical RAM in the computer, so the graphics on the desktop don't become laggy.

How do you get build 41 in Project Zomboid? ›

As Build 41 is in Beta, to access it players need to go to their game library, right-click Project Zomboid and select properties, where they can then go to Betas and choose the “b41multiplayer” update.

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Project Zomboid is an open-world isometric survival horror video game in development by British and Canadian independent developer The Indie Stone.

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It isn't possible to refund a domain, as it's registered at an external registrar right after the initial payment. All dues are transferred to the registrar, which makes a refund impossible. However, we are able to delete a domain even before it expires if you, for any reason don't want the domain anymore.

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Can you sleep in Project Zomboid multiplayer? ›

Unlike zombies, the player and other survivors need to sleep. When the player needs to sleep, the tired moodle will show up on the screen. To sleep the player needs to find a bed, sofa, or other chair. Or, if the player is tired enough, even the floor will do.

How do you play local co-op on Project Zomboid? ›

For local co-op you just need a controller and after starting a game push the A button and then select player 2. This will start splitscreen. Originally posted by Death: For local co-op you just need a controller and after starting a game push the A button and then select player 2.

How many people can be on a zomboid server? ›

In the latest patch, the number of players you can have on a single Project Zomboid server has been increased from 32 to 100 – but the devs say to be prepared for shaky performance if you pack that many players onto one map.

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Can zombies break TVS in Project Zomboid? ›

televisions are OP - YouTube

Can you survive a bite in Project Zomboid? ›

If you are wondering if you can survive a bite in Project Zomboid, the answer is no. It used to be there was a small chance you could survive bites in the game. But as the game was updated, bites were changed to have a 100 percent chance of infection.

How long has build 41 been in development? ›

Build 41, also known as The Animation Overhaul, was released December 20th 2021, and has been titled as such due to its major overhaul of the entire animation system. Plans for this new system were first made public mid–late 2015.

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There are a total of 4 files that make your server work, they can all be found at: C:\Users\%username%\Zomboid\Server

How long nighttime lasts depending on daytime: 0.5 means twice as long, 2 means half the normal timeCan PvP be enabled true or falseWill the server pause when it is empty.. Default setting is falseIf set to true, it allows for the "/all" command in chat, making your players able to safely communicate with everyone.. /s - Talk to people on the screen, including the dead /r - unknown /a - Talk to an admin /w - Whisper to someone, distance doesn't matter /y - Yell to people on screen and a bit further away, also attracts zombies /sh - Talk to people with whom you share a safehouse /f - talk to people in your faction /all - safely talk to everyone online. Global Streams: /all Local Streams: /say, /yell Special Steams: /whisper, /safehouse, /faction.. NOTE - , click on "Map coordinates".If PvP is enabled, this allows you to toggle PvP on or off.Whether you can see the safety button yes or no.Time it takes to switch between PvP on and OffTime it takes before you can toggle it againItems new player characters will spawn with e.g. SpawnItems=Base.BaseballBat,Base.WaterBottleFull means new players spawn with a baseball bat and bottle of waterThe port in which players will need to supply their client to connect to your server.. UntestedCan your server be seen on SteamYour server name as shown to the publicThe description that people can see while going over your serverMaximum allowed number of playersHow many times the server checks the connection to your players.Untested (Suspected that if ping exceeds number, player will be kicked)In-game Hours that must have passed before loot can respawn, 0 = never.

A quickstart guide to starting your own multiplayer Project Zomboid server.

Configuring mods for your Project Zomboid server is very easy.. In Project Zomboid, both the players and the server must have the same mods installed in order to work.. The folder will contain a media folder containing mod assets, a Hydrocraft ReadMe.txt containing credit to contributors, a file containing mod name, poster file specification, id, and description, and the poster.png image.. Welcome to my quickstart Project Zomboid server guide!. After finishing this guide, you should understand how to host and configure your very own Project Zomboid server for you and your friends to enjoy.. This guide covers downloading, configuring, and hosting a Project Zomboid server.. It also covers installing mods on your server; Hydrocraft is used as an example.. By the end of the guide you should be able to do the following:. Download your slice of the Project Zomboid server pie.. Get comfy with great server mods like Hydrocraft .. Make your server habitable through port forwarding.. Find "Project Zomboid Dedicated Server" and install it.. PVP= Controls whether players are allowed to participate in Player Vs.. Port forwarding is required in order for people to connect with your server.

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Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Project Zomboid Dedicated Server (or wherever it is saved) and Open that file directory.. By entering -servername "Your Server Name" (enter your name as it appears in your server file and make sure it is in quotations).. Mine is set to 4G but you want to add more RAM depending on how many players you want.. If you entered in your name correctly, the batch file should pull all the info from your server file and download any applicable mods right there at launch.. This will create a world file with whatever name you entered in.. Be sure to follow steps one and two in Tutorial One to get your world name and add it to the batch file so the Dedicated Server knows which world to load.

Dedicated Server Hosting » Günstig mit High-Performance CPUs ✓ SSD-NVMe Memory ✓ Minutengenauer Abrechnung ✓ Windows oder Linux OS ✓

Konfigurieren Sie Ihren eigenen Server mit einer Reihe von CPU-, RAM- und Speicheroptionen – alles auf 100% dedizierter Hardware.. Verteilen Sie Ihre Zugriffslasten und vernetzen Sie Ihren Dedicated Server mit virtuellen Maschinen für eine individuelle Infrastruktur.. Dedicated Server neu erfunden mit allen Funktionen, die Sie sich wünschen: Volle API-Kontrolle, Load Balancing, 8-Minuten-Deployment - gepaart mit transparenter Pay-as-you-go-Abrechnung.. Wir betreiben alle unsere Server mit RAID-Technologie, damit Ihre geschäftskritischen Daten immer sicher und jederzeit für Sie griffbereit sind.. Dann konfigurieren Sie Ihren Dedicated Server mit einer Auswahl an AMD Ryzen Pro- und EPYC-Prozessoren, die bei jedem Einsatzfall Spitzenleistung liefern.. Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) bedeutet für Sie: Sie zahlen nur das, was Sie wirklich in Verwendung haben.. Erst wenn Sie den Server löschen fallen keine Kosten mehr an und wir geben den Server wieder frei.. Support : Sie profitieren von unserem Service Angebot und erhalten einen persönlichen Ansprechpartner, der Ihnen mit Tat und Rat bei technischen Herausforderungen oder Fragen zur Konfiguration zur Seite steht.. Da es sich um ein Produkt mit Root Zugang handelt und Sie (im Rahmen der AGBs) in der Installation der Applikationen frei sind, sind zum Beispiel folgende Einsatzgebiete denkbar: Konfiguration…. Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM) richten Sie bei Bedarf auch mehrere unterschiedliche, komplett voneinander isolierte virtuelle Maschinen mit verschiedenen Betriebssystemen ein und betreiben diese parallel in einem einzigen Host-System (hier: auf Ihrem dedizierten Server).. Testumgebungen, die Sie auf Ihrem Dedicated Server per Hypervisor verwalten, bleiben geschützt und können ungestört weiterarbeiten.. Beim Dedicated Hosting Produkt handelt es sich um eine Weiterentwicklung unseres Shared Webhosting Angebots, bei dem Sie einen von uns verwalteten Webserver zur Verfügung gestellt bekommen.. Sie nutzen für den Betrieb Ihrer Website-Anwendungen allerdings Hardware, die sie mit Niemandem teilen müssen.. Der Unterschied zum Dedicated Server – dessen Rechenleistung und Ressourcen Sie ebenfalls komplett für sich allein beanspruchen – liegt jedoch darin, dass Sie beim Dedicated Server einen Root Zugriff auf das System besitzen und sämtliche Applikationen selbst installieren bzw.. Ihr Datenaustausch mit dem Server erfolgt verschlüsselt, sobald Sie eine mit dem inkludierten SSL Wildcard Zertifikat gesicherte Domain verknüpfen.


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